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Invisalign Gives Your Teen a New Smile
By Dr. Tracht and Dr. Briskie
April 19, 2019
Category: Orthodontics
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Invisalign is a method of correcting teeth placement without the need for awkward metal braces. Although it is designed mainly for adults, Invisalignthis orthodontic treatment may be appropriate for certain teenagers, as well. Read on to learn how a dentist at Pediatric Dentistry & Associates Specialists in Rochester Hills, MI can help give your teen a brand-new smile!


Getting Braces
Braces support the teeth and help them shift into a more attractive and comfortable position. The classic method that dentists use for this procedure is the application of metal braces, which are composed of brackets attached to each individual tooth. As you can imagine, these traditional braces are easily noticed by others due to the contrast with your white teeth. Wearing braces can also be painful at the beginning of the treatment period and it’s difficult to chew normal foods. Invisalign is a different treatment option that addresses all of these concerns and challenges.


Invisalign for Teens
Invisalign isn’t always recommended for teenagers because they can’t always commit to wearing the trays on a regular and consistent basis. Young people have more of a tendency to take the aligners off during the day and forget to put them back on (or lose them). However, there is an option available to younger patients called Invisalign for teens that tracks their compliance. An indicator located at the far end of each aligner tray lets your Rochester Hills, MI dentist know if they are being used regularly, making the patient more responsible for keeping up with the treatment plan.


Give Your Teen a New Smile
When you’re a teenager, appearance often means everything. It can determine a number of factors that affect you in your youth and well into adulthood, including in social, educational, and professional spheres. Getting your teen Invisalign aligners is a smile investment that could significantly improve his or her confidence and future aspirations!


Your Upcoming Visit
Bring your teen to Pediatric Dentistry & Associates Specialists in Rochester Hills, MI, to learn if their smile can be improved with Invisalign plastic aligners. Call (248) 608-2626 today to schedule an appointment!