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New Patients

We're so glad you are here! We are a dedicated team of specialists providing excellence in oral health care to all children in a safe and comfortable environment. We are committed to educating our patient families, our community and ourselves. 


We look forward to welcoming your family to our office and establishing a 'dental home' for your children. Please provide us with a complete history so we can work together with you to successfully manage their needs. Below you will find the forms required for an initial visit.

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Kids in Preschool
Preparing for your child's first visit

We often say, "Dentistry is kid stuff!" and take great pride our New Patient experience. Our primary objective is to begin building a foundation of trust and positive attitudes toward oral health care to serve your children for their lifetime.

We recommend scheduling morning appointments when your children (especially younger ones) are fresh and well-rested, and we encourage parents to keep explanations very simple. Positive comments such as, "We are going to visit the dentist today. They are going to make your teeth clean and shiny and give you a new toothbrush and prize!" will help to reassure them.

As you know, children can sense a parent's anxiety. We hope you will share your concerns with us and not your children. If you feel you want to provide more information to them, there are some excellent children's books available about a first dental appointment. Then, please leave the rest to us!

For more information on preparing your child for their first dental visit please click the buttons below:

What to Expect

Our "open-style" treatment area promotes a supportive and fun environment. Children feel more comfortable when they are in the company of other kids. Additional private treatment rooms accommodate those who may not be best served in our open area.

We know, too, that children and their parents often feel more reassured if they can remain together during the dental visit, especially a first appointment! We welcome parents to remain with their child, and to work in partnership with us, to review and manage the oral health needs of our patients. We will perform a comprehensive examination and answer any questions you may have.

Patient Forms

Our new patient packet is available for you to fill out prior to your visit. Just click the button below to be taken to the online form. This will allow you and us to focus on your child on the day of your visit, rather than taking time to prepare paperwork. Please bring your completed forms with you on the day of your child's appointment.

New Patient Packet
Financial Policy Form

A Referral Slip is available for referring doctors to note any specific concerns when referring patients to us for specialized care.

Referral Slip

We respectfully ask our patients to please be familiar with their own insurance plans and stipulations. We understand insurance plans can be confusing and our friendly office staff works very hard to assist all of our patients in deciphering these insurance plans. We will everything we can to help you receive the maximum amount of benefits. Please know that this is done as a courtesy, and any estimated patient copays are in no way guaranteed.


Our relationship is with you, our patient, not with your insurance company. All treatment charges are the responsibility of the patient, regardless of any financial insurance determinations that may differ from what was originally estimated.

If you need to update your insurance, please click the button below to be taken to the online form. 


What People Say

My son has been coming here since he was 2. Love this place, its very clean, everyone is very friendly, very easy to make appointments. Most important they know how to work with kids! I have moved out of Rochester and still make the drive here. Highly recommend!

I had an amazing time taking my 5 years old son to the dentist. All the staff were awesome and welcoming. She started the cleaning by explaining every step to my son. He even did the x-rays successfully. Again it is a relaxing visit for my son and me as well.

Very happy with this dental office. We've been going here since 2010 when my 2 year old son needed to be seen ASAP. Both of my boys can't wait to get their teeth cleaned and have a very positive perception of going to the dentist. Great, friendly staff.

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