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FAQs About Invisalign

Invisalign is giving teens a reason to smile more.

With the amazing advancements in orthodontic treatment and technology, teens no longer have to dread the idea of braces. In fact, our Rochester Hills, MI, pediatric dentists offer Invisalign, a completely clear solution that can close up gaps, fix crowding and give your teen the confidence they need while getting a straighter smile.

Wondering if Invisalign is right for your teen? Below are some FAQs about this popular treatment to help you understand more about it.

What is Invisalign?

Invisalign is a revolutionary way to straighten teeth, using clear trays that fit over teeth like a mouthguard. Through advanced 3D imaging and computer technology, we are able to map out the entire treatment process to create aligners that will give you the exact results you want.

What are the benefits of Invisalign?

Invisalign offers some pretty unique benefits including:

  • A completely clear treatment that most people won’t even notice

  • A set of aligners that fit comfortably and won’t irritate gum tissue

  • A removable treatment that allows you to eat what you want and to brush and floss your teeth as you normally do

  • Fewer trips to the dentist’s office during your treatment

How long with my Invisalign treatment take?

This will depend on the type of issues you are dealing with and how severe they are. Treatment can last anywhere from 6-18 months. Some teens may see results faster with Invisalign, but the length of treatment with Invisalign is usually comparable to traditional braces.

How often should I wear my aligners?

While being able to remove aligners can be a wonderful advantage of choosing Invisalign treatment, you don’t want to leave your aligners off for too long or you risk having to undergo an even longer treatment than originally planned. A good rule of thumb to follow is if you aren’t eating or drinking something and you aren’t about to brush and floss your teeth then you should be wearing your aligners.

Who is a good candidate for Invisalign?

Each aligner needs to be able to provide just the right amount of pressure to teeth to be able to shift them around. Therefore, the ideal candidate will be an older teen whose teeth have already fully matured. Invisalign is the perfect treatment option for both teens and adults who are dealing with crowding, crookedness, gaps between teeth and common malocclusions such as overbites and underbites.

Does your teen want to feel more confident in their appearance? If so, Invisalign may be the best solution for helping them achieve that perfect smile, and our Rochester Hills, MI, dentists are here to give your child and teen the orthodontic treatment they need. Schedule a consultation today by calling (248) 608-2626.


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