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The Health Benefits of Orthodontic Treatment

Getting braces early on could improve your child’s oral health for the long run.

Are you noticing that your child’s teeth are coming in a little crooked or that there are gaps between their teeth? If so, you may be wondering if it’s time to visit one of our Rochester Hills, MI, pediatric dentists for an evaluation. Most children can benefit from an orthodontic consultation around the age of 7. Besides getting a straighter smile, getting braces during childhood can also offer a variety of lesser-known health benefits, too:

Improve Chewing

Crooked, protruding or misaligned teeth aren’t as efficient at being able to chew food, so your child may experience some difficulties eating certain foods. As a result, this could lead to digestive issues and affect what foods your child does and doesn’t eat, which further impacts their nutrition and could lead to possible nutrient deficiencies. Correcting malocclusions (“bad bites”) will make it easier for your child to enjoy all of their favorite foods.

Prevent Speech Problems

If your child’s teeth are misaligned this can also affect their speech, leading to impairments or impediments such as lisps. By correcting these issues early on we can prevent these impediments from delaying your child’s speech and language development.

Reduce Damage to Teeth

If the upper and lower teeth don’t fit together properly when your child bites down this can end up putting more pressure on certain teeth. Over time, this leads to worn teeth that are weaker and prone to cracks, chips and fractures. One of the best ways to reduce your child’s risk for dental injuries is to place braces to correct their bite.

Reduce Cavity Risk

Teeth that overlap or crowd one another are more challenging to keep clean. While making sure that your child visits their dentist twice a year for cleanings will certainly help, the best way to prevent plaque and tartar buildup (which are responsible for cavities and gum disease) is to fix crooked, misaligned teeth with braces so that your child’s teeth are easier for them to brush and floss properly.

But my child is older than 7. Is it too late for them to get braces?

Absolutely not! While it’s recommended that children visit an orthodontist for a consultation at 7 years old, most dentists won’t start treatment until between the ages of 9-16. Our Rochester Hills, MI, children’s dentist will examine your child’s smile and from there be able to determine when treatment should start. Factors such as the type of treatment and your child’s physiological development will help us determine the best time to start treatment.

Are you looking for a dentist or orthodontist in Rochester Hills, MI, that can treat your child or teen? If so, call Pediatric Dentistry & Associates today at (248) 608-2626 to schedule your child’s first appointment or orthodontic consultation with us.


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